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Limited: Black Button Distilling Empire Apple Liqueur

Limited: Black Button Distilling Empire Apple Liqueur

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Swirls of cinnamon and mouthwatering locally grown New York State apples are enriched by our bourbon’s signature notes of caramel and vanilla.

Our Master Distiller, Jeff Fairbrother, has handcrafted a tasting experience unlike any other. This seasonal spirit is perfect served warm around a fire with good company as the leaves begin to turn and Autumn’s chill is in the air. Absolutely delicious on ice with a splash of Citrus Forward Gin or heated with a cinnamon stick and a splash of Four Grain Straight Bourbon.

  • Sweet aromas of sun-ripened apples
  • Rich brown sugar, baking spice, and fresh apples on the tongue
  • Notes of vanilla and caramel, with an exhale of cinnamon at the finish

750 ml bottle

23% Alc by Vol

ABV: 23.0%
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