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**Limited Pre-Order** Pre-Prohibition Bourbon Whiskey

**Limited Pre-Order** Pre-Prohibition Bourbon Whiskey

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Limited Pre-Order Bottles Begin Shipping the First week of December 

This unique spirit is an opportunity to travel back in time and experience how whiskey was 100 years ago in Rochester, New York. Black Button's Pre-Prohibition Bourbon is back for its second-ever release outside of the tasting room. This year we are excited about two major changes. We are releasing this bottling at 100-proof, and this batch is our first-ever 5-year-old release. 

We are offering a pre-order for bottles to ship at the beginning of December and we can’t wait for you to try a little sip of history.

50% Alc./Vol.

750ml Bottles 

Tasting notes

  • On the nose a bright sweetness and fresh cracked corn, with hints of must and mature wood.
  • Immediately after you sip this bourbon you are hit with a big character of cinnamon spice and sweet caramel. That cinnamon spice turns more into a cinnamon candy as the bourbon rolls over your tongue leaving warmth and sweetness with a very full body.
  • At the finish, a lingering dry tannic note with earthy spice and a mild sweetness



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