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Empire Rye Whiskey

Empire Rye Whiskey

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Our process is unique in that we use 94% Danko Rye grown on the shores of Conesus Lake. This big, bold, spicy grain captures the true spirit of the Empire State. Our temperature controlled fermentation and proprietary pot, column, pot, column distillation method all contribute to our unique flavor profile. And that is before being set to age in our custom charred barrels!

The Empire Rye requirement to use local grains and barrel down at a lower proof, in combination with our harsh NY winters and hot humid summers, all contribute to the unique flavor of this product. Unfiltered to provide you with true and authentic flavor, our Rye is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a traditional whiskey cocktail.


-Aromas of black pepper and spice

-Subtle taste of stone fruit on the tongue

-Hints of toasted nuts and oak at the finish

Rated 8/10 Extemly Good by Felipe Schrieberg of Forbes

Proof: Each batch differs from 84 Proof to 96 Proof based on what the whiskey tells our blenders

ABV: 45.0%
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