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Citrus Forward Gin

Citrus Forward Gin

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Bourbon may be our first love here at Black Button Distilling, but gin is a close second! So much so that our head distiller, Jeff Fairbrother and owner, Jason Barrett, were the 2nd and 4th Americans to be welcomed into the prestigious Gin Guild as Warden Nominated Rectifier and Warden Rectifier respectively. Started in London in the 1600s, the Gin Guild promotes and encourages commitment to excellence in gin distillation. 

Starting with an ultra-refined wheat-based spirit and infusing an alluring blend of botanicals, creates an exotic citrus experience that will have you coming back for more. Our Citrus Forward Gin can capture the hearts of the strongest gin critics, even those that are sure gin is just not their spirit. Named “The Official Gin of Summer” by Food and Beverage Magazine, the rich and juicy orange delivers a bold fruit taste and is a perfect match for the New York State Cascade hops and delicate notes of juniper. 

Citrus Forward will add a unique character to any cocktail. If you have never been a fan of the strong ‘tree’ flavor of gin, we encourage you to give gin another chance! It will put a twist on a classic Gin and Tonic, but is refined and smooth enough to be used in a Dry Gin Martini. The Black Button Team suggests using Citrus Forward in a classic Bee’s Knees cocktail; just add lemon juice and honey syrup (1:1 honey to boiling water), shake with ice and pour — perfect for porch sipping on a hot summer day. 

Tasting Notes 

Bright citrus notes on the nose

A hint of spice and hops on the tongue

Finishing with clean and refreshing hints of juniper

42% Alc./Vol.

Distilled and Bottled by Black Button Distilling in Rochester, NY

ABV: 42.0%
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