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American Straight Whiskey

American Straight Whiskey

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Whether you enjoy it neat, in a cocktail or on the rocks, we present to you our Black Button American Straight Whiskey: For as long as Farms have existed, "Cooperatives" have been a way for a group of family businesses to pool their resources together to create a better product. This has been the staple of the Rochester Farmers Market for well over 100 years. And so, we as farmers here in the East, have co-opted with other family farmers in the West to create this signature American Straight Whiskey blend that speaks to what a true partnership can provide. Whiskey from as far back as 2007 has been blended with ours from 2015 to create a sophisticated tasting profile that is truly unique. We hope you enjoy our spirits as much as we have enjoyed making them. We toast To a Day Well Done.

Tasting notes

-Citrus notes on the nose with a hint of oak

-Light and sweet on the tongue with vanilla tones

-Smooth and silky finish with an exhale of caramel

ABV: 45.0%
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