Grain-To-Glass New York Bourbon from 100% New York Grown Ingredients
When Master Distiller Jason Barrett started Black Button in 2012, we were one of the first farm distilleries in New York State. This meant that our first batch of bourbon was not only the first produced in Rochester since prohibition, but in a way that we call “Rochester Style Bourbon.” Rochester Style bourbon making is unique to Black Button Distilling. Literally, nobody in the whole world makes bourbon the way Black Button does. It’s a combination of our equipment, process, ingredients, and climate that defines the special Rochester Style of Black Button Bourbon.
Our Column to Pot to Column System and Unique Double Pass Distillation process creates the most complex and flavorful bourbon whiskey around.


ends purity and high minerality that results in a taste that cannot be found anywhere else. Finally, we source the highest quality American Oak barrels from our partners at Adirondack Barrel Cooperage. These local sources, our team’s artistry at the still, and our unique climate all contribute to creating the finest New York State Bourbon right here in our hometown of Rochester, NY.
Western New York’s environment is another significant influence on the Rochester Style. Annual Temperature Fluctuance impacts our bourbon’s aging process in a way that cannot be replicated in the more temperate southern regions. Weather patterns impacted by the Great Lakes of Erie and Ontario as well as Western New York’s latitude means our bourbon experiences the changing of the seasons.
Our flagship Four Grain Straight Bourbon whiskey is carefully aged for years and then bottled at 84 proof. Our unique Rochester Style makes this is a highly complex yet extremely smooth and drinkable bourbon. On the nose, pleasant oak meets sweet earthy spice. On the tongue, warm baking spices, classic caramel, and vanilla, with a lingering spice and oak finish. Perfect for sipping neat or in a classic whiskey cocktail like an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan. Keep it simple and let the bourbon shine through.
For more information on our Rochester Style of distillation, click HERE.